HOW TO VIDEO SERIES- Crashed Giant Scale Rebuild

HOW TO VIDEO SERIES- Crashed Giant Scale Rebuild


THis video series article is a Beta Test- 

This HOW TO video article covers the reconstruction of a crashed giant scale airplane. There is always another way do skin a cat of course, that said, I want to share some of the tips and techniques that I have used over many years and projects that have worked well for me.

Chapter 1: Damage Assessment

Chapter 2- Sheeting Removal

Chapter 3- Rebuilding formers 

Chapter 4- Sheeting the Fuselage

Chapter 5- Rebuilding and Fuel Proofing the exhaust Tunnel


I will post more to this Video Series Article soon. Be sure to follow this article below to be notified when it updates.  Thanks!!!!

(Coming Soon)

CHapter 7- Rudder Hinge line and hard point Replacement

(Coming Soon)

Chapter 8- Rudder ReBUILDing structural damage and Sheeting

(Coming Soon)

Chapter 9- ULTRACOTE STRategies covering the fuselage and rudder

(Coming Soon)

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